Yoga Asana Championship.

The U.S. Yoga Federation ( announces on 8 of February more than 100 participants who advanced from 25 U.S. regional competitions will come together to determine the U.S. champion for male/female and boys/girls at the 2010 U.S. Yoga Asana Championship.

You can find this news at different news resources.

The Yoga Competition was born in India about 2000 years ago.

Hindu say that “And Yoga Sport is Holy Sport in our Holy land with our Holy Yoga. All the
Yoga Ashrams have Yoga Competition.”

Life is competition and Sri Aurobindo teaches: all of Life is Yoga and Yoga is Competition. Sports is any game where you have competitons and we can teach about emotions because this is yoga. Sports is Health and health is Yoga.

Are you ready for this life competition? Have you already started to practice Yoga?



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  1. I know very little about Yoga. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding. I do have a little trouble comprehending the concept of competition as it relates to Yoga.

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