We live when we practice yoga

Today I came across this article.

From Analyst to Yoga Teacher:

I need to admit that this is a right decision, just to know what to appreciate — health, doing something that you love and passionate about, and having the support of your family and friends.

As for me, I am working in the office and feel that this is not my job. The life goes on and I spend it on somebody else. I have no time left to practice yoga like professionals. If I decided to stay health and do what I love, and for me this is yoga, than I need to change my life like this brave girl changed.

I imagine myself teaching yoga, and stay healthy and always in positive mood.

Yoga teachers mission is to improve peoples quality of living. Yoga is for those who are looking for something more in their lives. Yoga practice brings you new sense of awareness and allows you to become more conscious of your environment, body and spirits.  Yoga is concerned with your total being.

If you have gotten hooked on yoga and have been practicing regularly for a few years, you may feel that you’d like to complete a teacher certification course. Even if you do not plan on teaching, a good training program will deepen your practice and increase your knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, and alignment.

Here is largest yoga directory that might help you to find yoga classes worldwide, and yoga trainings, events, yoga centers and other services related to yoga.



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  1. Speaking on this subject, I’d like to add that it’s really a big deal this Yoga.Always hearing people discussing about kinds of Yoga, meditation or…breath exercises or whatever it is.I am not a master in this domain, but I’ve heard a lot stuff about, so, I’d rather do Yoga and stay healthy for the rest of my life that stay on my office chair and just read about it :))
    I’d like to propose you to read my lil article about meditation and stuff on http://behealthythinkhealthy.blogspot.com/2010/01/meditation-on-positive-thinking.html
    Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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