Yoga and sex do go together

Now contrary to what many people believe, the true yoga practitioners are no more against the pleasures of sex than they are food even though some of the elder sages do live on a lofty spiritual plane where all aspects of yoga sex techniques have ceased to matter.
On the contrary, Yoga, being a philosophy singularly free of both Puritanism and hypocrisy, its disciples recognize the yoga sex urge for the healthy instinct it is and would consider any attempt at its suppression profoundly unhealthy.
In other words, yoga and sex do go together.

Suppression and denial of yoga sex improvements can lead only to physical upsets and mental harm.
The Hindu believe that woman is the complementary part of man, a gift from heaven, man’s soul companion and helpmate, and that union must be not only mental and spiritual, but physical.
Marriage is entered upon in an attitude of humility, with full recognition of its solemnity.
In fact, one of the basic Hindu yoga sex writings, the Kama Sutra, is an elaborate treatise on the philosophy and etiquette of love, courtship and yoga sex behavior, both male and female, detailed in a manner which our best modern manuals on marriage techniques do not begin to approach.
Hindu temples are often decorated with phallic yoga sex representations which shock the traveler, but which to the worshippers have a deep spiritual significance. Because of this cultural attitude Oriental women share with their men an approach at the same time more natural and more sophisticated.
The Yogis, who teach that man’s supreme goal is Self-realization, understand that such realization cannot be wholly achieved except through union with woman, his other half.
What one sex lacks the other provides.
Rigid denial of yoga sex is merely a superficial form of escape which is self-defeating. To live fully, with understanding, each human being must know something of the innermost depths of the mind of the other sex.
It is impossible to advance to complete understanding of Self, and of the world at large, while living in ignorance of the other half of mankind. Man and woman have been created for each other, not to exist in separate vacuums.
However, Self-realization may not be equated with self-indulgence. Therefore yoga sex teaches that much of our sex drive must also be sublimated, that is, channelled into other life drives, creative or otherwise useful and always constructive.
The Yogis themselves have learned how to transmute yoga sex energy into psychic channels. Thus it is never either actually suppressed or dissipated but rather transmuted.
Sometimes it is drawn to the solar plexus for utilizing in healthful physical exercise. Sometimes it is sent to the brain and toward the spirit. To the advanced Yoga sex expert it then brings poise, harmony, freedom from desire, lasting serenity, and finally a merging with the universal consciousness.
To us average individuals, control over this basic inner force may well mean a happier personal life.
The man and woman doesn’t exist whose personal life is not closely related to an amazing sex life – through yoga sex or any other improvements.
In the first place, a number of the yoga exercises help sublimate a restless sex urge while others awaken a sluggish body. Restlessness becomes positive, creative energy which may then be properly utilized instead of merely bringing trouble.
Conversely, lack of interest in one’s mate-and sometimes the free-floating hostility arising out of such feelings-slowly gives way to a warmer, more giving attitude.
The very last thing a Yogi would maintain is that one must rise above sex. On the contrary, Yoga teaches that it is desirable to rise by means of it to greater spiritual heights.
Properly used, sex is the greatest of gifts and none may despise its rich potentialities. Both sexes should therefore learn to accept themselves completely, man as man, woman as woman, while at the same time recognizing that each of us carries some of the qualities of the opposite sex within us.


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  1. yes abosolutely agree with you. Research has proven that sex is also a kind do sexy. it can be help you to be healthy because during sexy you get regulated whole body blood and get a nice exercise. So it is a kind of yoga and exercise.

  2. If you have read patanjali’s yoga sutra. It states clearly, yoga = no sex. It is blatant and direct. Sex depletes ojas and tejas the very reason a sanyasin does hatha yoga. kamasutra is neither a tantric maual or a yogic manual. It was written for a grahasthin, a householder a.k.a common man. However if your goal is not self liberation then no body stops you. For a serious yogin who is completely devoted to nothing but yoga indulgence in anything is no no. For common man like me or anyone else it is nothing but a glorified exercise.

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