Dance of Shiva

Have you ever had a moment where things just clicked? Where the pieces to a problem you were working on just fell into place and you said, “Ah, that’s the answer. That’s how it’s all supposed to work.” Those insights happen when the neurons in your brain form new connections, bringing subconscious knowing into conscious awareness.

For most people, creative sparkles like that are rare. But that’s simply because they haven’t taught their brain how to have moments like that on a regular basis. Dance of Shiva is a system of yoga that actually teaches you how to have subconscious insights in a conscious fashion. It does this by creating an environment of ever increasing complexity and multi-sensory stimuli that your brain can play and grow in.

Andrey Lappa, the Ukrainian yogi who created Dance of Shiva, calls it “a system for conscious liberation”. Visually, it’s a set of complex flowing arm and leg motions that look something like dancing.

Dance of Shiva is built on patterns of increasing complexity. First you learn the arm motions, then the leg motions, then the breathing. Then you learn different arm motions, and leg motions, and breathing. Each level adds a new challenge and depth of complexity. The result is a rich and stimulating environment where your brain is constantly experiencing neurogenesis, the creation of new connections between neurons.

When your brain creates new neurological connections, you have those wonderful moments of, “Ah, that’s how it works.” You get new ideas and insights about whatever you’re currently working on, simply because your brain is forming new connections. Consistent practice trains your brain to have more and more of those moments, which makes life a whole lot easier because things just start to click together and make sense.


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