Yoga Asanas

Asanas can be considered science of body physics. Wrong and bad postures causes stress in the body by inhibiting the flow of energy and by accumulating toxic products inside. All kinds of body aches are said to be due to bad posturing and the subsequent accumulation of toxic products in the body. By performing yogic postures there is a free flow of energy in and out of the body which helps in the proper functioning of the body and the subsequent relief of muscle tension. Among the different asanas the following are very popular.

I have been looking for  a  unique yoga practice system and finally I came across Universal Yoga Practice

Universal sequence for beginners


Universal Yoga for beginner to advanced levels of complexity


Universal sequences of beginner, advanced and intensive levels of complexity


Here I would love to provide other useful resources for yoga practitioners.

Another interesting resource structures yoga Asanas in accordance with diseases that these postures are able to cure. click here

Yoga poses structured by categories like sitting, standing postures etcclick here

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