Common Yoga Myths

Yoga has become a widespread practice during the last 30 years. Misconceptions of this ancient method have kept people from trying yoga classes. Here you will learn that yoga is not just lessons on postures but a foundation of observance of principles put into effect to live life in harmony in today society. If practiced, regularly and with proper understanding, it can greatly benefit all aspects of life

Myth no.1: You have to be really flexible to do Yoga.
Most common images associated with yoga are of people either standing on the head or being fixed in positions you wouldn’t dream of reaching. But don’t fret, they might be pro at yoga but “one of the basic principle of yoga is ‘Shanai, Shanai’ or ‘take it slowly’. You aren’t expected to touch your toes or twist your neck in the beginning. Do only what you are comfortable with. There is no ‘ideal’ level of flexibility; it differs from person to person” she says.

Myth no. 2: Asanas + Prananyam = Yoga
relaxation and yogaThough it is partly correct, Yoga is much more than Asanas or postures. Postures along with breathing exercises definitely improve your health and lifestyle but they are not the ultimate destination of yoga. “The aim is to have better self understanding and gain self acceptance. There are eight components of Yoga- Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahaar,dharana, dhyaan and samadhi which look into overall lifestyle and even behavior. These aspects have not been focused upon a lot by the teachers but it wrong to reduce yoga to fitness” Meena Joshi strongly believes.

Myth no.3: Yoga provides magical cures
Just starting yoga and expecting all the ailments to vanish isn’t going to work. Yoga is very good for maintaining good health and taking care of the nervous system. But you really have to be consistent to reap all the benefits of yoga. So don’t put away your medication as soon as you start yoga, take proper medical guidance before doing so.

Myth no.4: Doing yoga is all about spiritualism
Though Yoga was founded by the rishis, it is not bounded by religion nor has it to be adopted only by those interested in spirituality. Yoga can be adopted by anybody with or without religious inclination. Yoga can provide the much needed relaxation and peace in today’s hectic lifestyle. So, yoga is more relevant for you and me than a person already away from every day cares.

Myth 5: Yoga is only for vegans
You don’t have to be or become a vegetarian to practice yoga. Plain and simple. In fact, eat all the red meat you want. It’s actually good for you.

Myth 6: Yoga is a low impact exercise routine and therefor risk free.
One should note that yoga is not a safe and gentle or “low impact” routine. It can be extremely challenging on both your body and your mind, and if you have an instructor that is not conscious of your body’s physical limitations, it can be hazardous to your health. You can pull muscles, cause aggravated back injuries, and can even cause nerve damage.


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