Guinness Record of marathon yoga

We talked about yoga  gurus who trying to turn yoga into an Olympic sport, today we will talk about Yoga Marathon.

Have you ever heard about Guinness Record of marathon in yoga? You will be surprised but there are individuals among yogis who strive to appear in a The Guinness Book of Records!

A Canadian yoga teacher on Tuesday claimed to have created a Guinness record by performing yoga non-stop for 32 hours. The current Guinness Record of marathon yoga is 29 hours and four minutes. But yoga instructor Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, 28, on Tuesday claimed that she has completed her 32-hour yoga marathon at her Om West yoga studio in Pointe Claire Village on the Island of Montreal.

Pending Guinness World Record certification, she said, she holds the record for the longest yoga marathon. Guinness records need at least six people to be present at the venue of the event all the time to authenticate them. During her yoga marathon, the Canadian also raised money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation which is working to combat AIDS in Africa. Before undertaking the yoga marathon, she completed 108 surya namaskars, or sun salutations, for 108 consecutive days. “August 3 is my final day of this 108×108 project. It has been an unbelievable adventure so far and a profoundly transformational experience.

I have learned from so many great yoga teachers,” she said. “To complete this journey, on August 2 and 3, I am exploring what it would be like to do a prolonged practice and in doing so, have decided to challenge the Guinness World Record for longest yoga marathon, which is 29 hours and 4 minutes. This record has never been attempted by woman nor by a Canadian. My goal is 32 hours,” the Canadian said.

Moreover Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow – yogi and founder of West Island wellness centre OM West – has embarked on a muscle-achingly crazy mission this summer: 108 sun salutations for 108 days. She’s doing it to bring the yoga community together, challenge herself and raise money for charity.

Like the US, yoga has also become very popular among Canadians in recent years. Major cities like Toronto and Montreal boast a large number of yoga centres.


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